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“Networks” is the lynchpin of strong IT infrastructure. Management and monitoring of these networks have become a phenomenal task. It's outsourcing to Caindus spurns out immediate cost savings and yield of business benefits. Our experts help to monitor the complete network through advanced tools with a remote delivery model. Caindus offers cutting edge network solutions with a high degree of commitment. Hence, we extend the offer of complete Network Lifecycle Management and Optimization. In the event your business has crossed traditional business software limits, Caindus infrastructure solutions would step up business operations to achieve the profits at reduced costs. At the next platform of growth, we offer solutions in three different areas: Cloud, IaaS and SaaS.


A shift from traditional operations to cloud-based operations is very important nowadays. It leads to an increase in operational efficiency and is cost-effective. Transferring the traditional businesses onto the cloud platform ensures the availability of these services at the best possible rates. These services come on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Cloud-based services deliver various features and benefits like reliability, physical security, flexibility, utility costing, etc. Hence, cloud-based services can easily respond to the changing demands in software space by using a virtual data base center.

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Infrastructure management services offered by Caindus reduce operational expenditure, flexible models and tailor-made solutions, stability in IT Structure to provide improved quality of service, and reduction in cycle time. Our expert review of your business needs would suggest reduced operating costs. Since this source is just a call away, it amounts to zero wastage in unused capacity. By availing this service, one saves on cost and time. The service is available on-demand for the resource that one uses.

SAAS (Software as a Service)

Software being service-oriented, promises high return on investment. SaaS is a new software distribution model. It has an edge over traditional options of software development or its purchase. The companies can now use remotely hosted software on a usage basis. This is economical as compared to the costs involved in buying or software development. It can aptly be termed as software on demand. Its usefulness would mean no hardware costs, ready to use, pay to the extent of usage, free updates, easy access from any location through any internet-enabled device. Hence SaaS comes across as renting software that helps you save on cost.

Our Services

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Data Analytics
  • Software Testing
  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Caindus offer applications developed by a team of professionals to suit our client’s requirements in consonance with the global standards and help them realize organizational goals. At our end, we customize websites for small to large scale industries and manage the same on 24*7 basis.

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